While this blog may mention various places, countries, and cities, it is not a travel blog. Instead, it is an exploration of adventure, lifestyle, and self-discovery. The focus is not on providing recommendations for tourist destinations, but rather on sharing personal experiences and insights gained through a journey of self-research. Through this blog, readers can gain inspiration for their own personal growth and adventure, as well as insight into different ways of living and exploring the world...

Everyone's life is filled with moments of drama, moments that could be turned into a novel or memoir. My life, especially my travel experiences, is no exception. But it's not just about visiting places for the sake of it. For me, each place I visit represents a dream, a desire that I am pursuing. And I refuse to leave a place until that dream is fulfilled.

Everyone is destined for something, but oftentimes our preconceived notions and stereotypes can steer us away from our true calling. We become what we think we should be, rather than what we were meant to be. Nietzsche once wrote about spiders that spin their webs without any formal training, simply because it is their destiny to do so.

For me, the allure of a nomadic lifestyle is strong, but I often wonder if it would hold the same fascination for me if it weren't for a chance encounter with that gypsy girl once in Scotland. That encounter opened my eyes to a different way of life, one that I had never considered before. It made me question the path I was on and whether it was truly my destiny.

Ultimately, we must break free from our stereotypes and societal expectations to discover our true destiny. It may take chance encounters or unexpected experiences to guide us on the right path, but once we find it, our destiny will become clear.

While I know that being a nomad may not be my ultimate destiny, the idea of constantly changing places continues to fascinate me. I often find myself pondering what exactly it is that drives me to seek out new locations and experiences.

I had the tendency to change places following the end of a love…...

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