Being a Lawyer in Albania

I lived, in Albania, my big life adventure, indeed. I lived that carrier fiber and I did have a real law carrier in Albania, really, I did.

Being a lawyer in Albania was an unbelievably valuable experience, more than I considered that time. I considered the law business in Albania as the start of a long carrier, unfortunately, what we do that time in that place, me and our team, working in the law business, the seriousness of our work and the journey inside the deepest facts of the law was happening exactly there in that place, in Albania.
The place was corrupted, indeed, and maybe, still is so, but how exactly does corruption works in Albania has nothing to do with an immoral act. Corruption for Albania, the process of giving money to somebody to get your work done,  does not mean paying to get your illegal action covered. The process of giving money to someone is an act of respect for his/her work in the first place. The corrupted judge will support the lawyer who corrupts but will not go against the law. A corrupted court hearing could never be against the law. Behind the corruption fact, the core of winning a case was the preparation of the case in that way to look and be legal, the collection of all the law acts and case facts, the presentation and interpretation of the case during the trial, in the most favorable way for your customer. Unlikely the most modern law systems, which are that limited, look much more corrupted than a court hearing in Albania!

We searched into law acts sometimes the whole night, searching everywhere in any act or document to ensure the best defense for our penal or civil cases, property, or family law cases, we made everything, we interact anything just to get what we need, to win our customer’s case. And every morning we moved out of the office 3, 4, or more lawyers, stand in court for our customers, having 2 or 3 court hearings per day, nothing could stop pursuing our mission, applying justice without limits!

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