Being a Lawyer in Albania

I had the privilege of living the adventure of a lifetime in Albania, where I pursued a career in law. It turned out to be an incredibly valuable experience, even more than I had anticipated. Despite the corruption that pervaded the legal system in Albania, my team and I took our work very seriously and dove deep into the intricacies of the law.

In Albania, corruption was often viewed differently than in other countries. Giving money to someone to get something done was not necessarily considered an immoral act. Instead, it was seen as a sign of respect for that person's work. Corrupt judges would support lawyers who paid them, but they would not compromise the law. And even in a corrupted court hearing, the core of winning a case was still the same as in any other legal system - it required meticulous preparation, the collection of all relevant facts and legal acts, and the ability to present and interpret the case in the most favorable way for the client.

Our work was intense and demanding. We often worked late into the night, scouring through legal acts and documents to ensure the best defense for our clients. We tackled penal and civil cases, as well as property and family law cases, leaving no stone unturned in our search for the truth. And every morning, we went to court, ready to represent our clients in two or three hearings a day. Our mission was to pursue justice relentlessly, without any limits.

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