Earning money

My pursuit of a career as a writer was often derailed by my desire to travel and work independently. While being a writer requires solitude to find inspiration, earning a living as a freelancer can be challenging and lacks the romanticism of the writing life. I sought jobs in Albania, Hong Kong, Greece, and Germany, and even applied for a teaching position in Hong Kong. Despite my dislike of being an employee, I occasionally had to take on traditional jobs when freelancing opportunities were scarce.

One of my biggest weaknesses was my difficulty in forming a team. I had collaborations, but never the team I truly wanted. While many entrepreneurs meet other like-minded individuals and form a business together, I often had a business idea first and then searched for people to join me. This approach proved to be a challenge in forming successful partnerships.

In Albania, I worked as an independent translator for an Albanian notary, but we had different goals and could not collaborate further. In Greece, I pursued a solo law career and learned the importance of forming good collaborations for taking on the big cases. However, my attempts to create a team were unsuccessful, which led me to look for opportunities elsewhere.

While in Hong Kong, I learned about the stock market, which had been a dream of mine since I was young. I had to quickly find a way to earn money to support myself, and investing in the stock market became one of my income streams. Over time, I attended seminars in Hong Kong, Greece, and Frankfurt to refine my investment strategy.

Overall, my journey as a writer and freelancer has been full of challenges and successes. While I often struggled to find the right collaborations and teams, my experiences have taught me valuable lessons about the importance of partnerships and the need to remain adaptable to new opportunities.