Earning money

Jobbing around the world did crash on my working dream. A writer is destinated to be alone, that is where he/she get his/her inspiration from. Earning money as an individual is something else, being alone in the money earning scheme does nothing romantic as a life of a writer does! How did my jobbing process work around the world? I strongly dislike being an employee, I avoided wherever I could to, but I also target to when there was not any other option.

I search for a job, even in Albania, even if never really happened, as well in Hong Kong I applied to a school as a Greek teacher. In Greece on the first months of 2008 and definitely in Germany. But finally, I did freelancing job in Albania, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany and search to do something that could ensure my living in Taiwan. I was thinking about, but not really searching about in Scotland and in a few more places.

My problem really was, my weakness to form a group, even if I dreamed to. Creating the right team, is the core of each modern time business, failing to do so, designates failure in the first place.

I got some collaborations but never the team I wanted; this is my biggest weakness. Usually, people meet other people and decide to develop a business together, in my case I was looking for people, the business was projected already!

In Albania, my first collaboration was with an Albanian Notary, where I worked as an independent Translator. But nothing further could happen at all. The notary was happy with his nasty life, and wouldn’t change anything as long he was earning money by selling his services in the same way a farmer sells his apples!

There were a few thoughts a couple of years before that, in a small village in the north of Greece, near to the Greek-Bulgarian border. I had there the team but could not make it work for mutual interest.

My second collaboration in Albania, looked more ambitions but was a frog finally! And the law office where a disaster. The group was far away from what I dreamed as my future life. Maybe part of my future decision to leave Albania! But I can’t admit, how much did help me that collaboration and old friendship to learn the law and its main principles, that are unique everywhere and in any law system around the globe.

With the independency dreams I moved to Greece following the solo law carrier, it was clear from the beginning how necessary where some good collaborations to get the big cases! Some tries to make a team did not work pushing me far away from Greece.

In Hong Kong, I learn the stock market. Being active in stock market as an investitοr was one of my very early dreams. In Hong Kong where necessary to find out in a short time a money source to feed my self and ensure my living in the place! The unsuccessful first moves through a Malaysian Bank, the only I arrived to open an account! The days and the weeks in an intensive investing and learning process made stock market one of the ways to earn some money but with so much stress. The years next and up to today, stock market investments got part of my income with periods of speculative moves to keep my self over the water. The seminars I followed in the next few years in Hong Kong, later Greece and finally in Frankfurt formed my investment strategy!